PWIP Season Pass FAQ

Blue or Gold Pass: Which is right for me?

  • If you are looking for an economically friendly way to visit the park whenever you wish during regular park hours, the Blue Pass is your option with fewer frills.
  • If you plan to fully take advantage of the complete experience that PIWP has to offer - special events, in-park upgraded amenity offerings, branded merchandise and more - the Gold Pass gets it all.


What are Season Pass policies I should know?

  • Your paper pass voucher may be processed into the final pass card by a person other than the named individual on the voucher - we know that things can change between the time of purchase and when you first visit the park. However, once the voucher is made into the pass card, it is non-transferable and may only be used by that pass holder.
  • One pass is valid for a pass holder at any time. Example: If a child visits with different family members at different times, it is the responsibility of those parties to exchange possession of a pass. 
  • If a pass is lost or stolen, it may be reprinted for a $5 fee at the park.
  • Passes may be confiscated if a person other than the pass holder uses it in an attempt to gain park entry or if the pass holder engages in inappropriate behavior in the park.

Tell me more about the perks for all pass holders - Blue and Gold!

  • Friend Frenzy: On select weekends throughout the season, all pass holders are welcome to bring a friend at no charge. The pass holder must be present for the friend to gain entry. In other words, a family of four pass holders with only three in attendance, may not bring four friends because they possess the fourth pass. They would be eligible to bring three friends with the three in attendance at no additional charge.
  • Epic Waters Admission: Visit Grand Prairie, Texas' indoor waterpark with your Season Pass to PIWP. We suggest that you visit that park’s web page to familiarize yourself with its operational calendar and policies. Blackout dates and other exclusions may apply. Get started with making your Epic Waterpark plans here:
    Epic Waters Phone Number:  972-337-3131