Splashaway Payment Layaway Plan Information

Splashaway begins 9/8/2020.

All layaway season passes must be paid, in full, before 5/16/2019 (opening day).
Available online only.
Available for season passes only


NO REFUNDS for first payments will be given.
NO REFUNDS for layaway payments will be given.


All payments will show on your bank account as (City of Fort Smith Parrot Island Water Park)
First payment is due at checkout.
All layaway season passes must be paid, in full, before 5/16/2019 (opening day).
Payments will be split evenly. See example 1A below.
Splashaway Payment Plan completion date is 5/15/2020
All payment will be deducted on the date you check out in the online store. Example: If you make your purchase on 12\15\2020. All other payments will be deduced on the 15 of the following months.

Missed payments:

If there is a missed or declined payment:
Parrot Island’s point of sale system will NOT try to process the payment again.
Splashaway Payment Plan will be canceled.
NO REFUNDS for past payments will be given.
Guests may come to Guest Services during office hours to pay off passes in full if a payment was missed. This is the only way to keep credit for past payments to the layaway plan.


At least one season pass must be purchased.
No Refunds – No Rain Checks – No Exchanges

Example 1A
Purchase before October 7th equals eight payments
Purchase before November 7th equals seven payments

If the credit/debit card needs to be changed for any reason. The transaction will need to be refunded and the payment plan will need to be re-purchased. Parrot Island Team Members cannot change payment plan information, or change the card that is on file.

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