Welcome to Parrot Island!

This guide has been prepared to provide an overview of services and facilities available for our disabled Guests. Our goal is to make our park free of barriers and more accessible for all our Guests. Should you or a member of your party have questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of our Team Members to direct you to Guest Services. Guest Services Team Members are specially trained to answer your questions. We hope that you find this guide helpful and informative and that you enjoy your visit.

Rider requirements, including height, weight, and posture, are set by the ride manufacturer and state law. Our lifeguards will enforce these requirements; we suggest that you become familiar with them before riding. Riders with a larger frame, Guests with certain disabilities, and those who have casts or braces may not be permitted to ride. 


Most of our attractions and restrooms are accessible to wheelchairs. All slides; however, require transfer to a ride or ride device. All slides are on top of towers that utilize stairs. There are no attractions that allow a wheelchair to be on the ride itself. Transfers must be accomplished by the disabled person or with assistance of a member of his/her party. Parrot Island personnel are not trained in lifting or carrying persons with disabilities and are therefore not permitted to assist Guests on and off the rides.

Ride Requirements & Rider Posture

Guest safety is our number one priority. All Guests must meet minimum height and all other safety requirements of each attraction. These safety requirements are posted at the entrance to each ride. In some situations, Guests may not be permitted to board an attraction in the interest of personal safety or the safety of other Guests or Team Members. Rider must be able to maintain proper riding position lying on back, feet first with legs crossed at the ankles with either: hands behind head or neck with fingers locked, arms hugging ears, and elbows pointing towards the front OR arms crossed over chest with hands on opposite shoulders. You should not ride if you: have neck, back, or bone injury; have heart trouble or high blood pressure; are pregnant; have had recent surgery or a pre-existing illness. Guests who are deaf, hearing‐impaired, or are unable to hear ride safety information communicated over a public‐address system can request a written copy from Guest Services.

Attraction Entrance

Parrot Island provides mainstream access whenever possible, while recognizing that each attraction is different. Where it is not feasible to use the entrance, Guests will be able to utilize ramps or lifts.

Guest Services

Our Team Members are happy to answer any questions you may have. For more detailed information, inquire at our Guest Services office located at the front gate.


Most restrooms within the park are accessible by wheelchair. Restrooms can be found just inside the Front Gate and throughout the park. (See park map for locations.) For those restrooms that are not accessible, signage will direct you to the nearest accessible restroom.


Guests may bring their own wheelchairs.

Health Services

A licensed Ellis and Associates Lifeguard is on site during park operating hours. First Aid is located near the front gate.

Guests Using Service Animals

Service animals are welcome in most locations of the park. However, our attractions are not equipped or designed for the accessibility or safety of service animals. Therefore, someone in your party must be able to stay with the animal while you ride. Service animals are not permitted in any body of water in the water park.

Accessible Parking

The park does have wheelchair accessible parking by the front gate. We request that anyone who can park in regular parking do so. Parking is available on a first‐come, first‐served basis. If the wheelchair area is full at the time of your arrival, members of your party can be dropped off at the front gate using the drop off area.

Casts and Braces

You should not ride our attractions if you have a neck, back, or bone condition. Guests with a cast or brace will not be allowed to ride those attractions where the cast or brace does not fit properly on, or in the ride vehicle, presents a hazard to other Guests, or will not allow proper rider posture.

Prosthetic Devices

Guests with a prosthesis of any kind must ensure the device is properly worn, secured, and will remain in place during the duration on the ride. The prosthesis must fit so that it does not become dislodged or stuck in any area of the ride or vehicle.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Parrot Island welcomes all Guests. Team members are available at Guest Services to answer any specific questions you may have.

When planning your visit to the park, please be aware of the following sensory stimuli:

  • Loud noises such as music, crowd noise, and ride sounds
  • Lights of a variety of color and brightness
  • Movement of crowds and attractions
  • Large crowds congregating on midways

If you need to take a moment in a quiet resting space, the Health Services building in the breezeway is available for two members of your party during the operating day.


For full ADA specs on each attraction at Parrot Island Waterpark, visit our attractions page.